Why You Feel Tired Eating Paleo

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So you are new to Paleo! You’ve heard all about the reasons to eat Paleo and you are finally on board. You’re excited to eat healthy, feel healthy, and have all sorts of new energy… But for some reason now that you have started you don’t have that boundless energy so many talk about.

Why do you not have energy and feel so tired now that you have started eating the Paleo way?

You aren’t the only one to ask this question. While many will immediately feel the benefits of eating Paleo some aren’t so lucky.

So why do you feel the crash?

Well let’s start with the obvious… many people are in a major detox when they first start to eat Paleo. Quitting unhealthy carbs, processed sugars, and junk food can cause quite a stir to your body. It can take your body a few weeks to adjust and get through this detox period.

With that said quitting those unhealthy carbs means many people are not getting enough carbs when they switch to a Paleo diet. Many people think that they aren’t supposed to eat any carbs period, but that isn’t the case… you just need to eat the right carbs. Starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and squash are a great place to get some extra carbs in. And if healthy starches aren’t quite cutting it for you, try easing into the Paleo diet rather then going cold turkey.

Lastly if you still seem to be struggling with energy after your detox period is over and you’ve found the right balance of carbs… it could be you simply are not eating enough calories or fats. Luckily with the Paleo diet there is no such thing as counting calories or restrictions on healthy real foods. You can and should eat until you are full – and those healthy fats are encouraged. Make sure you are getting your fill of calories and healthy fats to help boost that energy each day.

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If you still struggle with energy it could be coming down to something more serious like a nutrient deficiency… make sure to talk to your health care professional if you are worried about your energy levels.