The Best Stretches To Do After Running (VIDEO)

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Running is a great and inexpensive form of exercise and almost everyone can do it because there is no equipment needed! But have you noticed that it seems quite a few people get injured from this seemingly easy exercise?

Why do I hurt so bad after a run?

One of the biggest problems with running is the fact that everyone can do it. Simply because it doesn’t require equipment does not necessarily mean it’s easy to do. If you plan on doing a big run (or even a small run) it’s important to be familiar with proper techniques that can keep us from hurting ourselves (i.e. not heel striking). While we could discuss running technique for days, today we are going to focus on what you can do after your run to help prevent injury. 

What to do after a run.

Yes you heard me right – what you do after you run is just as important as what you do before and during your run. So to help yourself improve your running, stay healthy, and be injury free – make sure to familiarize yourself with some stretches you can do once you finish up that run.

Here is a great video by Runtastic Fitness to get you started on those post-run stretches