Paleo Thai Style Steak Salad

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Paleo Thai-Style Steak Salad #paleo #thai #steak #salad #dairyfree #glutenfreeThere are some days you just need a good salad for lunch or dinner. For me though salads tend to lack creativity and a bit boring. I struggle to come up with different and delicious salad ideas. Thankfully Paleo Leap has come up with an amazingly unique and delicious salad recipe for me! This Thai inspired steak salad is both light and hearty at the same time and packed with so much flavor. Anytime I have a bit of leftover steak I always whip this up the next day. So good and so easy!

Find Paleo Leap’s recipe for this Thai-Styled Steak Salad here. 

Paleo Steak Wraps

Paleo Steak Wraps #paleo #steak #wraps #glutenfree #dinner #beefOkay… let’s face it. When steak is involved you just can’t go that wrong. I love steak. In almost any form. When I first heard about Pop Sugar’s recipe for Paleo Steak Wraps I knew it was something I had to try… and then when I did try it, I couldn’t get enough of it. The combination of the rich steak and delicious vegetables makes this a go-to meal here in our household. 

Find Pop Sugar’s recipe for Paleo Steak Wraps here. 

Balsamic Steak and Mushroom Skewers

Balsamic STeak and Mushroom Skewers #paleo #balsamic #steak #mushroom #skewersIf you are a big fan of grilled steak but also struggle with getting that perfect cook, doing them on a skewer is a great way to keep the meat tender and cooked just how you want it. Paleo Leap adds in delicious balsamic marinade and yummy mushrooms which makes these skewers a perfect meal. So easy to put together and so delicious. 

Find Paloe Leaps balsamic steak and mushroom skewer recipe here.