How to Open You Hips for Better Squats (VIDEO)

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There are a few body movements that seem to be typical “go-to” movements when it comes to exercise. From sit-ups to push-ups all the way to the squat. Squatting is a great form of exercise that can be used in many different ways and techniques.

Squatting isn’t that hard, right?

While most people cant do a squat, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Many might think there isn’t much to the squat or that there isn’t more to learn when it comes to squatting. These people couldn’t be more wrong. From correct form to tips on making the squat easier and more efficient – learning proper information on the squat is something everyone should do.

How can I improve my squat?

If you are looking for a way to improve your squats then this video by Kelly Starrett is a great place to start. Kelly goes through some great information on what you can do to help open you hips more for a better squat. Whether you are doing air squats, heavy back squats, or any other version of a squat, you can’t go wrong with watching this video.