Paleo Cranberry and Clementine Salad

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Paleo Cranberry and Clementine Salad #paleo #salad #cranberry #healthy #dressing Sometimes during the winter I like to brighten things up with a delicious salad and this salad by Paleo Leap is one of the first ones on my list of must-haves. The beautiful eggs, tart apple slices and sweetness of the cranberries and clementines makes for a great combination that will make your mouth super happy. If you are a big salad lover and looking for a salad that leaves you full while enlivening your taste buds then you’ll love this salad and all it has to offer. 

Find this recipe for Paleo Cranberry and Clementine Salad by Paleo Leap here. 

Paleo Thai Style Steak Salad

Paleo Thai-Style Steak Salad #paleo #thai #steak #salad #dairyfree #glutenfreeThere are some days you just need a good salad for lunch or dinner. For me though salads tend to lack creativity and a bit boring. I struggle to come up with different and delicious salad ideas. Thankfully Paleo Leap has come up with an amazingly unique and delicious salad recipe for me! This Thai inspired steak salad is both light and hearty at the same time and packed with so much flavor. Anytime I have a bit of leftover steak I always whip this up the next day. So good and so easy!

Find Paleo Leap’s recipe for this Thai-Styled Steak Salad here. 

Paleo Pear, Bacon, and Chicken Salad

Paleo Pear Bacon and Chicken Salad #paleo #chickensalad #bacon #pear #saladsPaleo Pear Bacon and Chicken Salad #paleo #chickensalad #bacon #pear #saladsI love a good salad. Emphasis on the good. That means it has to have the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Has to be full of flavor as well as actually healthy. And if you add bacon to it then you’ve got a real winner. Thus enters Paleo Leap’s awesome recipe for pear, bacon, and chicken salad. This hits all the points I love in a good salad.

Find Paleo Leaps recipe for pear, bacon, chicken salad here. 

10 Tasty Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

10 Tasty Paleo Salad Dressing REcipes #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #saladdressing #dressing #saucesI have always been a lover of salads. It’s a great refreshing way to get some healthy greens and veggies into your diet. Sadly most dressing you find are not healthy and negate the healthiness of veggies. That is unless you make your own dressing! Stop working about added sugar or processed ingredients with these delicious homemade Paleo salad dressing by My Paleo Pal. 

Find Paleo Pal’s list of 10 tasty Paleo salad dressing recipes. 

10 Mouth Watering Paleo Salads

No matter how much you like food or like to eat – there are some days when you just are in the mood for something a little light. Sadly there are a lot of salads out there that may look or sound healthy but are anything but. So instead if you are craving a salad try out one of these awesome Paleo Salad recipes.

1. Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

This salad is full of amazing vegetables and flavor… add the fact that there is bacon in this and you have me sold! Find the recipe here.

2. Cilantro Lime Fajita Salad

The combination of fajita’s and salad is wonderful and the cilantro lime added in this gives it a great flavor. Love it. Find the recipe here.

10 Paleo Salads -
Photo Credit: My Natural Family

3. Brussel Sprout Salad Recipe

Whether you like brussel sprouts or not you are bound to love this brussel sprout salad topped with delicious pecans. Find the recipe here.

4. Warm Beet, Kohlrabi and Watercress Salad

Take a step back from the typical salad and try out this amazing beet salad – it’s a great combination of slightly sweet flavors and a peppery bite from the watercress. Find the recipe here.

10 Paleo Salad Recipes
Photo Credit: Empowered Sustenance

5. Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad

A great light salad with some good protein you can’t go wrong with this delicious paleo Chinese Chicken Salad. Find the recipe here.

6. Coconut-Lime Fruit Salad

Who says a good salad has to have some type of greens? If you are looking for a great fruit salad then you have found it with this amazing coconut-lime fruit salad. Find the recipe here.

10 Paleo Salads -
Photo credit: The Paleo Mama

7. Paleo Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad

Anything with bacon usually as me sold – put in some sweet potatoes and I’m double sold. This salad is delicious! Find the recipe here.

8. Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

Cucumbers are so refreshing and I love the combination of the Dill with these cucumbers. So delicious you’ll be asking for more. Find the recipe here.

10 Paleo Salad Recipes -
Photo credit: Paleomg

9. Simple Crab Salad

Who loves crab? I know I do! And this crab salad really is so simple but so delicious – super easy to make! Find the recipe here.

10. Simple Summer Carrot Salad

This is such a fresh and delicious salad that is perfect as a side for any Paleo meal! Find the recipe here.

10 Paleo Salad Recipes -
Photo credit: Delicious Obsessions