Awesome Recovery Day Activities

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We’ve discussed the importance of rest and recovery days before.  So now that we understand that these days are needed for our health and for our added athletic ability, the question remains… what do we do on these days? Well luckily there is actually quite a bit you can do for your rest and recovery days. 

So. What Do You Do? 

Here is a small list of some great recovery ideas to get you started.

  1. Walking. Everyone can walk – that’s what makes this a active rest and recovery activity. Get outside, stretch those legs, and feel better.
  2. Hiking. If walking isn’t enough for you then up the anty a bit and try a small hike. This can burn some good calories as well as work out any sore muscles you might have.
  3. Swimming. If you are looking for something low impact, low stress, but that will still help get your heart rate up a bit then swimming is the activity for you.
  4. Yoga. Focusing on breathing, stretching, and quieting your mind is a great way you can spend your rest and recovery days.
  5. Foam Rolling. Also known as self-myofascial release. Foam rolling can be a great way to keep your range of motion up and release some stress and stiffness in your muscles.
  6. Skill Work. Rest and recovery days are great for when you want to focus more on a skill set then actually getting your heart rate up. Whether it’s working on a particular lift at a very light weight, shooting free throws, or working on your head stand.
  7. Napping. Yes you heard me right. Sleep is a great way to rest and recovery… if you are feeling low on sleep, take this day off to get a little extra in guilt free.
  8. Stretching. Whether a static stretch exercise, or dynamic stretching – moving and stretching your muscles will help get your prepped for your next workout day.

Just remember – you want to remain active but want to make sure to be taking everything at a lesser intensity than your normal workout days. It’s important to remember that this is a rest and recovery – we are just wanting to get the most out of these days by moving our body. So don’t think your rest and recovery day has to be boring or just involves you sitting watching television all day – go out and do something that will help your body be ready for your next workout day.

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