Are White Potatoes Paleo?

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Are white potatoes paleo? This is a common question in the primal and Paleo communities. After all, white potatoes are vegetables. They come from the ground and have a pretty nice nutritional content. They are also a staple in the Standard American Diet. From potato chips, to French fries, to baked and fully loaded… white potatoes definitely are linked to their share of ‘junk’ food. But if they aren’t ruined by nasty vegetable oils or other definitely non-Paleo foods, can these tubers be part of a healthy diet?

Strictly speaking: No, white potatoes are not Paleo. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a good addition to your diet. We’ve gathered some of our favorite reads on the subject, both for and against white potatoes. Take a peek and then decide what works best for you body.

Are White Potatoes Paleo from Paleo Leap

We love the discussion presented here on white potatoes and a nourishing real diet. Learn all about their starch content, nutrition, and whether or not you might want to add these vegetables to your primal or Paleo diet. Read the full article here.

Are Potatoes Paleo from The Paleo Diet

This article lays out the more strict version of the Paleo diet and offers reasons why you might want to avoid this vegetable all together. Read the full article here.

Is Samwise Gamgee Right About Potatoes? from Mark’s Daily Apply

Finally, we love the fun take on The Lord of the Rings and the discussion of white potatoes and a primal diet. Read the full article here.