Is Rice Paleo?

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Is rice Paleo? It’s a question that get’s asked a lot. I mean most people associate rice as a traditional “health food”… but just because something is touted as a miracle food doesn’t mean it’s Paleo.

So if rice is deemed by most people to be healthy, is it Paleo?

Well, the quick answer is no and the quick reasoning is it’s a grain as well as post-hunter-gatherer.

In the Paleo diet grains are a big no-no mainly due to their high glycemic index which causes sugar to be carried too rapidly into the bloodstream.

While rice is technically not Paleo, it is one of those foods that many believe is in the grey zone. If you are an active person eating rice on occasion will most likely not do your any harm. Take a look at these articles we’ve gather on the subject and decide for yourself what will work for your body.

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Do you put rice into your diet?