Paleo Pistachio-Crusted Salmon

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Paleo Pistachio-Crusted Salmon #paleo #pistachio #crusted #salmon #fishI love a good fish dish and this is by far one of my favorites. Paleo Leap has combined the delicious savory taste of salmon with the salty crunch of pistachios. This recipe is so simple to make and so delicious it has become a family favorite and one that is on top of our list. If you are looking for a great healthy recipe that is delicious and easy to make then look no further!

Find Paleo Leaps recipe for pistachio crusted salmon here. 

Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites

Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites Paleo #paleo #glutenfree #pistachio #nuts #snacksI love to have fun and healthy snacks ready at home for when you get those munchies or for when the kids get home from school. Trying to keep those snacks unique and different can be a bit hard… in my search for something new to try I fell across Cotter Crunch’s awesome recipe for chocolate coconut pistachio bites. I had all the ingredients at home so I gave them a try and they were a huge hit. The salty crunch of the pistachio mixed with the delicious flavors of chocolate and coconut was perfect. 

Find Cotter Crunch’s recipe for Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites here.