Paleo Candied Nuts

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Paleo Candied Nuts #paleo #nuts #candied #candiednuts #dessertCandied nuts are one of those things that instantly make me feel like the holiday’s. Whether walking through a store or coming into someone’s home – the smell of those delicious candied nuts brings me so much happiness. And of course makes me instantly crave them. I love cooking up Fake Ginger’s recipe for these Paleo candied nuts – it makes my home smell like Christmas and my mouth super happy.

Find Fake Ginger’s recipe for Paleo candied nuts here. 

No-Bake Paleo Pumpkin Nut Balls

No Bake Paleo Pumpkin Nut Balls #paleo #Pumpkin #nuts #snacksSometimes I want a snack that isn’t just delicious – but that is super healthy. These pumpkin nut balls are the perfect solution because they are super quick and packed with tons of protein. Plus they are so easy your kids could even help make them! I love to make these with  my kids and then keep them in the fridge for the next few days to munch on whenever one of us gets a sweet craving. 

Find Janes Healthy Kitchen’s recipe for these no-bake Paleo pumpkin nut balls. 

Paleo Almond, Pecan, and Coconut Crumbed Chicken

Paleo Almond Pecan and Coconut Crumbed Chicken #paleo #chicken #almond #pecan #coconut DinnerOkay. I cannot get enough of this delicious recipe by Seriously the combination of almonds, pecans, and coconut ontop of the juicy chicken is amazing. If you have been looking for a new chicken recipe that has crunch, flavor, and more then look no further. The fact that is also comes with a broccoli and sprout salad is just an amazing added bonus. You’ll love both!

Find the recipe by for this Paleo almond, pecan, and coconut crumbed chicken.