Zesty Paleo Nacho Kale Chips

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Zesty Paleo Nacho Kale Chips #paleo #Kale #nachos #chips #nacho #glutenfreeI’m not going to lie. The first time I heard the term Kale chips I made a face and said something like “that sounds nasty”. Oh how wrong I was. I finally got the courage up to try a kale chip and I was immediately hooked. Then when I tried All Day I Dream About Food’s recipe for these zesty nacho kale chips I was even more hooked. 

Find the recipe for these zesty nacho kale chips here.

Easy Paleo Nachos

Easy Paleo Nachos #paleo #nachos #glutenfree #plantainchips #plantainsYou may not believe me… but there is such a thing as Paleo nachos. Nachos are one of those comfort foods that you just have to have every once in a while – whether on game day or for a later night snack. Well just because you are eating Paelo does not mean you have to say goodbye to nachoes forever. Next time you are craving those nachoes try out Paleo Newbies recipe that uses plantaine chips and a whole slew of delicious ingredients.

Find Paleo Newbies recipe for easy Paleo nachos.