15 Paleo Holiday Recipes

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The holiday’s can be a rough time to continue to eat healthy and stay on track – and let’s face it, we all want our favorite dishes and desserts during the holidays. Luckily there are some great and delicious Paleo recipes for our favorite go-to holiday treats, drinks, meals, and sides. Take a look at this awesome list of 15 Paleo holiday recipes.

1. Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe

One of the most token holiday desserts is pumpkin pie. It’s many people’s favorite dessert for any holiday party… luckily it’s not something you have to say goodbye to just because you are eating Paleo. Take a look at this yummy Paleo pumpkin pie recipe. Find the recipe here.

Paleo Pumpkin Pie
Photo credit: My Natural Family

2. Paleo Homemade Smoked Ham

Hosting a party for family that doesn’t eat Paleo can always be a bit stressful, especially when it comes to the main course. This Paleo homemade smoked ham is bound to please even the most picky of eaters, Paleo or not. Find the recipe here.

3. Paleo Green Bean Casserole

Another staple for most families is the Green Bean Casserole… sadly the traditional recipe is anything but healthy. Surprise your family with this delicious and completely healthy green bean casserole recipe. Find the recipe here.

4. Banana Split Party Pizza Recipe

I remember the first time I tried dessert pizza at a holiday party. I was instantly hooked until I got the recipe from a friend and saw the ingredients she put it in. Luckily this paleo banana split dessert pizza is just as delicious without any scary ingredients. Find the recipe here.

Paleo Banana Split Party Pizza Recipe
Photo credit: Paleo Newbie

5. Holiday Turkey and Stuffing

Another great recipe for a main course for any holiday party – you will be praised for this delicious holiday turkey and stuffing recipe . Find the recipe here.

6. Paleo Wassail Recipe

With the holidays come many warm beverages from hot chocolate to apple cider, we all love getting warm with these holiday favorites. One of my go-to holiday favorite drinks is this paleo wassail recipe. Find the recipe here.

7. Herbed Roquefort-Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Apple Glaze and Salad Greens

Want a unique and delicious holiday dinner? Then look no further with this herbed roquefort-stuffed turkey meatballs with cranberry apple glaze and salad greens. Seriously it’s perfect for any dinner guests over the holidays. Find the recipe here.

15 Holiday Paleo Recipes - Primalhub.com
Photo credit: An Edible Mosaic

8. Paleo Peppermint Patties

There is something about mint that makes me think of the holidays – these are a great treat to make for neighbors or friends (or for yourself). You will love these Paleo peppermint patties. Find the recipe here.

9. Paleo Apple Pie

It seems that you are either a pumpkin pie lover or an apple pie lover when it comes to holiday desserts (or in my case both). You can’t go wrong with this delicious Paleo apple pie. Find the recipe here.

10. Peppermint Chocolate Bark

I’m always looking for new treats to give to neighbors for the holidays – this is super easy, super delicious, and your neighbors wont even realize they are Paleo! Find the recipe here.

15 Holiday Paleo Recipes - Primalhub.com
Photo credit: Healhy Eats Real

11. Pumpkin Gingerbread Protein Shake

Who says holiday recipes have to be reserved for dinner? Start your Christmas morning out right with this delicious and nutritious pumpkin gingerbread protein shake!. Find the recipe here.

12. Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

I love ending a cold day playing in the snow, looking at Christmas lights, or just a long day at work with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Now I can do so without fear of what I’m putting into my body with this Paleo coconut milk hot chocolate recipe!. Find the recipe here.

13. Roasted Brussels Sprouts Almondine with Dried Cranberries

Are you assigned to bring a side to the next holiday party? Not sure what to bring? I highly recommend this delicious roasted brussels sprouts almondine with drive cranberries recipe – it’s bound to be the hit of the party. Find the recipe here.

14. Cookie Dough Truffles

A great dessert for any party or just for a fun treat around the house – who doesn’t like cookie dough!? You have to try out these delicious cookie dough truffles, they are bound to become a new holiday favorite. Find the recipe here.

15 Holiday Paleo Recipes - Primalhub.com
Photo credit: Thank Your Body

15. Paleo Almond Flour Sugar Cookies

Are the kids wanting to make some cookies to leave for Santa? These are the perfect Paleo almond flour sugar cookies. Whip up some delicious Paleo icing and Santa is bound to leave some good gifts. Find the recipe here.