Paleo Cherry Tomato and Basil Quiche

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Paleo Cherry Tomato and Basil Quiche #paleo #glutenfree #grainfree #tomato #breakfast #quicheQuiche is a great way to combine some powerful flavors with some great nutrients and vegetables. I have always been a fan of quiche but have never tried to combine cherry tomatoes and basil with a quiche before. Paleo Leap has put together some amazing flavors for a delicious quiche.

Find Paleo Leaps Cherry Tomato and Basil Quiche here. 

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Let’s face it – while following the Paleo lifestyle we tend to have a higher protein diet than others. In fact many people think that is the main focus of the Paleo diet – meat, meat, meat. On Paleo we strive to get our carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits and our protein from animal sources (along with some good and healthy fats). While yes meat is important and a great way to get some healthy protein, the bigger part of the Paleo diet is selecting high-quality, unprocessed, real food while getting rid of foods the body struggles to handle like gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, sugars and food additives.

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

With all that said there clearly is more protein being consumed than your typical diet so you might find yourself wondering if you can in fact eat too much protein. Well, the simple answer is yes. Let’s face it, you can have too much of just about anything – even water. So when it comes right down to it you can have too much protein and if you do get to the point of protein toxicity it can have some large impacts on your health.

How Much Protein is Too Much?

But where is that line? Are you in fact eating too much protein? How much is too much? This is a pretty big topic of late – party due to the popularity the Paleo lifestyle is gaining. Unfortunately due to differences in weight, caloric intake, and other lifestyle factors there isn’t just one specific number we can give. From some sources you will see that your threshold for protein is 30-35% of your calorie intake, while others say you should only be consuming .4 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight and then you have yet another category stating protein intake is related to your fitness activity.

So that leads us back to our question of how much is too much. The Paleo lifestyle recommends good quality proteins that leave you satiated. Paleo recommends including protein in each of your meals but the “how much” as you can see is dependent on you, your size, your calorie intake, and your fitness level.

Most likely if you are feeling physically fit, healthy, hydrated, and keeping a good healthy weight you are doing just fine as far as your protein levels.  If you really are worried about your health or that you might be consuming too much protein you should always speak with a nutritionist or doctor. In the mean time you can also take a look at a few of these resources:

Paleo and Protein

How Much Protein Is Too Much With Paleo

3 Signs You Could Be Eating Too Much Protein

Calcium with a Paleo Lifestyle

There seems to be a few questions that will always come up when you start talking about the Paleo lifestyle to someone who hasn’t been introduced to it before. From “How do you get any fiber?” to “What do you even eat?” I’m sure you’ve heard it all. One of the more common statements I hear though is how, without dairy, someone eating Paleo must be deficient in calcium. Let’s face it… in our society when you hear about calcium you think about milk or dairy foods first and then most likely think about bone health right after.

What Does Calcium Do Anyways

Most of us when we think of calcium we think of it makes our bones strong, and while yes it does help out with this, calcium does even more. Calcium helps with things like muscle contraction, blood coagulation as well as plays a role in releasing hormones and enzymes.

So yes – calcium is important to our health and should be something we make sure to have in our nutrition and diet..

Bone Health While Eating Paleo

While so many are focused on calcium itself to help with bone health there are many different sources that can actually do more for your bones then that glass of milk you may be craving. For example starting with those wonderful fat soluble vitamins the Paleo lifestyle is so known for – vitamin A, D, and K2. These vitamins are great for promoting bone health and actually ensure proper absorption and utilization of the calcium we eat.

Besides those vitamins we stress so much in the Paleo lifestyle, one other source can help with your bone health (whether you eat Paleo or not) and that is a mineral called Magnesium. Magnesium is essential for bone health and being deficient in magnesium is actually a known risk factor for osteoporosis.

So while it is important to get that ever worried about calcium intake, you can see that there are other factors that go into bone health that we should consider too.

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

If you are still worried about your calcium intake while eating Paleo, you can stop. There are quite a few different food sources that offer a big calcium punch that will still leave you clear of dairy products. From Sesame seeds, sardines, turnip greens, almonds, cabbage, broccoli, oranges, mustard greens, and more. Many leafy greens (which are highly promoted in the Paleo lifestyle) have more calcium per serving than your typical dairy products. For a great list of foods and their calcium break down take a look at this chart here

As you can see there is no need to fear for your bones while eating a Paleo lifestyle. Yes you are cutting out dairy and grains that many people feel are so needed for your bone health… but you are adding in important fat soluble vitamins, healthy minerals, and other sources of calcium that you should easily be hitting that daily recommended amount of calcium. All the while – sticking to that healthy Paleo lifestyle!


20 Paleo Tips From the Experts

Many people who are new to Paleo eating struggle in the beginning. It’s no wonder – coming from a world of eating processed and unnatural foods and switching to all natural paleo approved foods, it can be a bit overwhelming. So for those that are struggling or just starting out on the Paleo lifestyle, take a look at these 20 Paleo tips to help you along your way.

1. Meal Planning.

This one seems pretty simple but it is probably the biggest issue many run into. If you plan your meals ahead of time (I like to do meal prep one week at a time) then you are less likely to go out to eat or fix something unhealthy. Planning what meals you will be eating takes away the stress and time of making the decision after a long day.

2. Meal Prep.

Hand in hand with meal planning is meal preparation. Whether this is cutting up vegetables or meat that you will be using for the week, making breakfasts that you can store in the fridge and grab when you are on the go in the morning. Making sure you are prepared for a meal helps keep you on track.

3. Read Labels.

Being aware of what is actually in your food is half the battle. Sadly we live in an age where sugar or artificial ingredients are added to all sorts of foods. Become familiar with what is good and what is not and read every label. If there are ingredients you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, then it’s likely that it’s processed and shouldn’t go into your body.

4. Have a Well Stocked Fridge.

It seems simple but – if you have healthy foods in your home, you are more likely to eat healthy foods. Keep your fridge and pantry filled with healthy and real food!

5. Remove all Temptations.

Again it seems obvious, but remove all those temptations! The biggest step you can take towards sticking with Paleo is removing all those foods that go against what the Paleo lifestyle is about. If they are in your house that means you are willing to eat them at some point… if you aren’t willing to eat them, then get rid of them!

6. Phase Out Food Slowly.

If getting rid of everything all at once seems a bit much then try phasing out those bad foods slowly. Start with sugars, then dairy, then beans, then grains… etc etc. Going little by little can make it seem less scary and less daunting of a task.

7. Join a Community.

This is a big one! It’s always easier to stick to something if you are doing it with others. Join some type of community – whether a facebook group or a blog to follow. Become apart of something that can hold you accountable and encourage you when you struggle.

8. Do Your Research.

Read up on the Paleo diet. Get books, read articles, etc. Knowing the ‘why’ helps you keep up on the lifestyle – especially when you get questioned by others.

9. Learn to Cook!

I’m always surprised by people who don’t realize that some effort has to go into eating healthy. You will have to cook so the sooner you learn to cook the better. Practice makes perfect. Experiment with spices and techniques. And of course – make sure to have fun with it!

10. Try New Recipes Regularly.

Many people get stuck cooking the same few recipes over and over again. This can become boring and before you know it you are falling off the wagon because you just can’t have that Sweet Potato Hash again. Set yourself a goal – try one or two new recipes each week!

11. Organize Recipes.

Keep your recipes organized. Whether on a spreadsheet or on index cards… find a method that works for you. When you don’t like a recipe – toss it out. When you do like a recipe make sure to add it to your list, and maybe even add in some notes to remind you what each recipe is like. Staying organized will help you stay on track and have a lot of different ideas on hand for when you are stumped about what to cook for the week.

12. Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers.

If you weren’t into leftovers before then now is your time. Leftovers are a great way to eat healthy all day long. Cook a big enough dinner so you have enough to have lunch the next day. This will make it so you don’t have to spend more time prepping and cooking another meal, and also keep you on track whenever everyone else in the office is going out to grab fast food.

13. Learn Your Freezer is Your Friend.

Whether it’s chopped vegetables, meat, or pre-prepared meals your freezer can be a great friend to you. From making crockpot meals in advance for emergency meals or for freezing leftovers for a later day, learn to use your freezer!

14. Eggs for Days!

Eggs are your friends. Make sure to always keep some eggs in your fridge. Eggs are a great and easy way to get a healthy meal in with very little prep, time, or energy. Learn a few different egg recipes to keep things fresh!

15. Snack Smartly.

We all get snacky or hit by that sweet tooth. Making healthy and paleo approved snacks in advance is a great way to keep you from caving to that ding-dong in the vending machine. Whether it’s dark chocolate covered banana bites or your favorite grain free pumpkin muffin, have a few snacks cooked up and prepared around the house is perfect for those days you just need something a little extra.

16. Make Your Choices Before You Need To.

Eating Paleo doesn’t mean you can’t socialize or go out with friends. Just make sure to have your decision about how you will eat or drink before you go out. If you want to take a little cheat and have a drink with your friends, that’s fine – just decide how much or little before you go out. Make your choices before you are presented them to your face can help you stay strong and not feel like you are giving up on things, but rather choosing not to eat or drink them.

17. Get Others on Board.

Whether it’s your family or roommate, getting someone else you know personally on board can be a great help. Plus if they are someone you live with, getting them on board can help with getting rid of those unhealthy foods that might tempt you.

18. Change Your Wording.

It may seem silly, but the mind has a lot to do with how we eat. Stop phrasing it as a ‘Diet’ and instead think of it as a ‘lifestyle’. Rather than saying ‘I can’t eat that’ instead say ‘I’m choosing not to eat that’. Simple things like this can help you stay positive about your choices and gives you the power over the food.

19. Be Forgiving.

Understand we aren’t all perfect. There will be days you struggle, there will be days you cheat or fall off the wagon. It will happen. What you need to make sure doesn’t happen is that just because you aren’t perfect means you throw in the towel for good. Get back on board and start again!

20. Just Do It!

If you have been thinking about it but still haven’t gotten on board now is your time. There is no better day than today. Don’t wait until Monday, don’t wait until after the holidays… just do it. Just start so you can be a healthier version of you as soon as possible!




Getting Enough Carbs for the Paleo Athlete

Going Paleo is a great health and food style for most people – of course we are all different and what works great for one might not be the best for another. One common issue that people seem to struggle with while on the Paleo diet is getting enough carbohydrates – especially if that person is extremely active.

Wait, aren’t you NOT supposed to have carbs while eating Paleo? Wrong! Your body does in fact need carbs – it just needs the right kinds of carbs.

What Exactly is the Right Amount of Carbs?  

Again, we are all different. What works for one might not work for another. Figure out what works for you, what can help achieve your goals  and what makes you feel your best.

Here is a great article, by On Diet and Health, about getting enough carbs while eon the Paleo diet.

How Do I Incorporate Them into the Paleo Diet?

This is the part that many struggle with. Luckily there are quite a few healthy, real, and Paleo friendly foods you can add into your diet to get those carbs you need! From broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and more!

For a great breakdown and list of Paleo friendly carbohydrates take a look at the Paleo Zone Nutrition’s article here.

What are your favorite foods to eat to give you a boost in carbs?

How to Fix Upper Back and Neck Pain with a Foam Roller (VIDEO)

Foam rolling is getting a lot more attention these days – and there are great reasons why this is happening! Foam rolling is one of the most effective tools for recovery and injury prevention. If you happen to be new to foam rolling then you’ll love this article explaining the benefits of foam rolling.

Whether you are new or not to foam rolling there are many different techniques and tips to foam rolling. And whether you are new or not to foam rolling you probably have suffered from back or neck point at some point or another. This video by PaleoFX gives two different ways you may not have thought to foam roll that can help fix upper back and neck pain. 


15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas

We all know that Breakfast is a very important meal of the day… most say the most important! Unfortunately it can also be the most difficult meal of the day. Most of us are busy, strained for time, tired, etc in the morning so it can be easy to skip breakfast or go for something unhealthy. It doesn’t help that while on a Paleo diet imagination can become a problem with breakfast ideas. One can only eat eggs so many times, right?

That is why we love this list of different Paleo breakfast ideas… all of which do not have a single egg in the ingredient list. 

1. Potato-Free Breakfast Potatoes

One of my favorite things in the morning is potatoes… obviously that doesn’t work so well while eating Paleo. Well if you are like me and craving some potatoes for breakfast you’ll love this easy potato-free breakfast potato recipe! Find the recipe here.

2. Apple, Leek & Bacon Breakfast Sausage

I love sausage and this apple, leek, bacon breakfast sausage recipe is amazing! So full of flavor.  Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo credit: And Here We Are

3. Banana Zucchini Bread

For those wanting something sweet for breakfast as well as something quick, make this delicious banana zucchini bread – it fits the bill perfectly. Find the recipe here.

4. Sweet Potato, Apple and Pancetta Hash

When in doubt, make a delicious hash for breakfast. Even if you aren’t in doubt – make this sweet potato, apple and pancetta hash! Find the recipe here.

5. Paleo Hash Browns (With Spaghetti Squash)

This Paleo Hash Browns are great breakfast and a great way to get some extra veggies in for the day. Not to mention delicious. Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo Credit: Empowered Sustenance

6. Healthy and Paleo Apple Banana Smoothie

For the sweet tooth and when you are on a go a smoothie can be a great alternative to an unhealthy breakfast. This is one of my favorites! Find the recipe here.

7. Cream of Wheat-Style Porrige

My mom always said when I was younger that porridge was the perfect “stick to your bones” breakfast. This recipe not only makes you feel full for longer, but makes you want to go back for more even when you are full! Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo Credit: An Edible Mosaic

8. Mixed Berry Smoothie

Another great and easy smoothie mix to start your day off with a great serving of fruits! Find the recipe here.

9. Plantain Pancakes with Mixed Berry Sauce

These pancakes are so easy to make… add in the mixed berry sauce and you have a wonderful breakfast. Find the recipe here.

10. Paleo Pumpkin-Spiced Granola

I am a huge fan of granola – it’s crunchy, a little sweet, a little salty… and add in this pumpkin spice and you have me sold. Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo Credit: Paleo Newbie

11. Butter Roasted Radishes

I never thought I’d love radishes until I met this recipe… now I can’t get enough of them! So good! Find the recipe here.

12. Simple Paleo Strawberry Crepes

Crepes were always our go to breakfast when we had guests over and wanted to impress them… now they are even more impressed with these totally paleo strawberry crepes! Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo Credit: Paleo Newbie

13. Cinnamon “Rice” Breakfast Pudding

This recipe is so good and makes me feel like I’m back to my younger years sitting next to the fire eating a bowel of my moms rice pudding. Find the recipe here.

14. Cinnamon Faux-St Crunch Cereal

If you are craving some cereal – don’t fall off the wagon and go for the unhealthy stuff you find at the store. Make this cinnamon faux-st crunch cereal with a bit of almond milk. You’ll love it!. Find the recipe here.

15. Blueberry Chai Granola Smoothies

These smoothies are so rich in flavor, smooth, and filled with awesome nutrient packed ingredients! Find the recipe here.

15 Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas -
Photo Credit: Paleomg


Why You Feel Tired Eating Paleo

So you are new to Paleo! You’ve heard all about the reasons to eat Paleo and you are finally on board. You’re excited to eat healthy, feel healthy, and have all sorts of new energy… But for some reason now that you have started you don’t have that boundless energy so many talk about.

Why do you not have energy and feel so tired now that you have started eating the Paleo way?

You aren’t the only one to ask this question. While many will immediately feel the benefits of eating Paleo some aren’t so lucky.

So why do you feel the crash?

Well let’s start with the obvious… many people are in a major detox when they first start to eat Paleo. Quitting unhealthy carbs, processed sugars, and junk food can cause quite a stir to your body. It can take your body a few weeks to adjust and get through this detox period.

With that said quitting those unhealthy carbs means many people are not getting enough carbs when they switch to a Paleo diet. Many people think that they aren’t supposed to eat any carbs period, but that isn’t the case… you just need to eat the right carbs. Starchy veggies like sweet potatoes and squash are a great place to get some extra carbs in. And if healthy starches aren’t quite cutting it for you, try easing into the Paleo diet rather then going cold turkey.

Lastly if you still seem to be struggling with energy after your detox period is over and you’ve found the right balance of carbs… it could be you simply are not eating enough calories or fats. Luckily with the Paleo diet there is no such thing as counting calories or restrictions on healthy real foods. You can and should eat until you are full – and those healthy fats are encouraged. Make sure you are getting your fill of calories and healthy fats to help boost that energy each day.

Here are a couple of articles we recommend reading if you are one of those struggling with energy while on the Paleo diet: 

Why Do I Have No Energy On Paleo?

This is a great article that goes through some different reasons on why you are feeling so tired while eating Paleo. Read the full article here.

Paleo for the Active Person

For those that are very active and can’t muster up the energy they need to keep up that active lifestyle when they eat Paleo – this article is the one for you. Read the full article here.

If you still struggle with energy it could be coming down to something more serious like a nutrient deficiency… make sure to talk to your health care professional if you are worried about your energy levels.



30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas


Let’s face it… no matter how hard we try there will come a time when you get the munchies. We all get snacky now and again… and these are some of the times when it can be hardest to stick to real food and healthy eating. That is why I try to be prepared with healthy and Paleo snacks – ones that we can keep around the house or cook up quick when those munchies hit. Here are 30 of some of our favorites:

1. Paleo Hummus with Butternut Squash

I love hummus… it was one snack I was sad to say goodbye to when I went Paleo. This is a great substitute to your regular hummus! Yum! Find the recipe here.

2. Paleo Fried Zucchini with Cool Dill Dip

Doesn’t this just look amazing! It’s as yummy as it seems and so easy to make too! Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Paleo Newbie

3. Curried, Baked Zucchini Chips

If the above zucchini chips don’t quite cut it for you then these curried backed zucchini chips will hit the spot! Crunchy with a hint of spice – you can’t go wrong. Find the recipe here.

4. Chocolate Pecan Pie Energy Bars

You heard me right… chocolate pecan pie energy bars. These are a great snack to make ahead and have ready for when you are on the go. Even my kids love them! Find the recipe here.

5. Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts

You had me at ‘milkshake’ and sealed the deal at ‘fudge’ – you wont believe these are Paleo! Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Paleomg

6. Paleo Snack Mix

For those times you get the munchies this is a great snack mix to grab a handful of – it’s also great to pack for a hike. Find the recipe here.

7. Dried Pineapple Tidbits

My little one loves pineapple, but it can be very messy as a quick snack… these dried pineapple tidbits were the perfect solution. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Thank Your Body

8. Spiced Sweet Potato Apple Fruit Leather

Why pay crazy amounts of money for fruit leathers that aren’t 100% natural? These spiced sweet potato apple fruit leathers are so easy to make, cheap, and amazingly delicious. Find the recipe here.

9. Simple Paleo Reese Cups

Let’s face it… reese cups are wonderful… well these simple paleo reese cups are just as wonderful and not filled with crazy toxic ingredients or sugar! Find the recipe here.

10. Buttermints

Speaking of sugar… if you struggle with sugar cravings then these buttermints are the thing for you! Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Empowered Sustenance

11. Paleo Raw Strawberry Twizzlers

Once you take a look at these paleo raw strawberry twizzlers you will instantly want to make some – so fun and so simple! Find the recipe here.

12. Paleo Sweet Potato Fries

We love sweet potato fries in our house – this recipe is perfect for the kids and for the adults. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: My Natural Family

13. Fried Honey Bananas

These are a go to snack in our house when we want something easy but delicious. These are so simple to make but my kids always feel like they are getting a real treat. Find the recipe here.

14. Grain-Free Paleo Baked Onion Rings

Onion rings are a great treat or snack for big parties – you don’t have to have unhealthy onion rings to have delicious onion rings and this recipe is proof of that. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Healy Eats Real

15. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bites

I am a lover of all things peppermint. This snack I love to keep in the freezer and pop in a couple anytime I get a chocolate or sugar craving. So good! Find the recipe here.

16. Gluten-Free Rosemary Crackers

For the person that loves crackers… you don’t have to say no simple because you are gluten and grain free! You also don’t have to eat crackers taht taste like cardboard. These are delivious. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Thank Your Body

17. 3 Ingredient Chocolate Almond Clusters

For those that like salty and sweet these 3 ingredient chocolate almond clusters are perfect. Find the recipe here.

18. Baked Eggplant Fries with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Want fries but don’t have any sweet potatoes? How about an eggplant? Add in the spicy tomato sauce and you’ll be hooked. Find the recipe here.

19. Homemade Dark Chocolate Candy Bears

Just looking at these makes my mouth water! Plus they have some great health benefits too! Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Grass Fed Girl

20. Cookie Dough Snack Balls

Bet you thought your cookie dough days were gone, huh? Wrong! Check out these amazing Paleo cookie dough snack balls. Find the recipe here.

21. Raspberry Chocolates

Not a bit peanut or nutbutter fan? Then try subbing out the nutbutter for raspberry and you’ll get these delicious raspberry chocolates. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: The Paleo Mama

22. Paleo Dipping Chips

Many people love chips and dip for a snack… while there are many dips you can make out there that are Paleo, it can be hard to find a good Paleo chip. These paleo chips are great for any type of dip! Find the recipe here.

23. Breakfast Bars

A great and filling snack that will leave you wanting more but not able to eat anymore. So good and all Paleo! Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Honey Ghee and Me

24. Tropical Paleo Granola

A lot of Paleo granols start to taste the same and can get pretty boring… that is why I love this tropical Paleo granola so much! It’s so different from the typical and so delicious. Find the recipe here.

25. Crispy Sweet Potato Skins

For when you need a good crunchy snack don’t resort to buying chips with toxic ingredients… instead try out these crispy sweet potato skins. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Delicious Obsessions

26. Paleo Caramelized Cinnamon Almonds

You might want to not make these Paleo caramelized cinnamon almonds… because then you’ll just keep making them again and again. Find the recipe here.

27. Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips

My husband loves salt and vinegar chips… these are a great snack for him and a great substitute for the unhealthy chips he usually goes for. Find the recipe here.

28. Smoky and Spicy Candied Cashews

Smokey, spicy, crunchy, and delicious… you can’t go wrong with this candied cashew recipe. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Paleomg

29. Coconut Cranberry Protein Bars

Another great snack filled with protein to keep you going through your day and fill that need for an unhealthy snack. Find the recipe here.

30. Healthy Fruit Snacks

These get made a lot at our home – you wont believe how easy they are to make and how much more yummy they are then any other fruit snack you might find at the store. Find the recipe here.

30 Easy Paleo Snack Ideas #primal #paleo #snacks #realfood #healthy
Photo Credit: Thank Your Body

Working Harder, Not Heavier

There is nothing like going to the gym and hitting a goal that you have always been wanting to hit. This happens quite often with weight training. We always seem to be looking for the next personal record… the next heavy load. We want to lift heavy things so we keep pushing and pushing with heavier weight. If you have been lifting or weight training for sometime you may have noticed you have plateaued. Nothing can be more frustrating then getting stuck at the same weight and not seeing those gains you feel you have been working so hard to get.

But, have you really been working hard? Or just heavy?

What does that mean? Aren’t they the same thing? The answer is no.

There is a difference between putting in the effort to be better, and just putting on more weight to the bar. Next time you are thinking about sneaking on some extra weight because that is what is bound to get you to the next level, take a second and think again. And if you still aren’t sure what all this is about take a look at  this article from Barbell Shrugged that explains just what we mean by working harder, not heavier.

What do you think? Have you tried this approach? If so, did it work for you?