When Your Healthy Habits Aren’t Healthy Anymore

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We are all striving to do our best – to eat healthy, be healthy, exercise, and have healthy habits. 

Unfortunately sometimes in our efforts to be better we get so focused on our goals or even what others might think of us that our “healthy” habits end up doing the opposite of what we intend.

Think about it – how many times have you or someone you know said something along the lines of “I just had to work through the pain” or maybe something like “I got up at 4:30 this morning to get my training in”. These can be pretty scary phrases – especially since so many people take these as good motivators or signs of a committed individual.

Keeping a Healthy Body

I’ve always been a big advocate to treating your body in the best way possible. This does mean you need to eat healthy and exercise, but it also means you need to listen to your body, rest, sleep, etc.

If waking up at 4:30 to get your workout in means you only got 5 hours of sleep – are you really benefiting your body?

If working through that pain means down the line you are doing serious injury to yourself – are you really benefiting your body?

Is squeezing in that workout in your busy stressful day really helping de-stress your life or is it making it more stressful?

What are your real motives behind the actions we take towards bettering ourselves? Where is that line between being committed and motivated and going too far? We aren’t the only ones with concerns when it comes to these “healthy” habits. We highly recommend this article by Whole 9 Life, that breaks down a great motto for maintaining that “Health Balance” and how you can tell if your healthy habits aren’t so healthy any more.