Paleo Chocolate Crunch

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Paleo Chocolate Crunch #paleo #cereal #chocolate #granola #crunchLet’s be honest, what child doesn’t like cereal? I mean… it’s cereal! It’s sugar, it’s easy to store and put together, there are so many different varieties… but of course the amount of sugar in said cereal is anything but a well balanced breakfast, and don’t even get me started on the other processed ingredients. That is why I love making this Paleo Chocolate Crunch by Our Kitchen – it’s so easy to put together, stores easy, and tastes amazing. The kids are hooked.

Find Our Kitchen’s recipe for Paleo Chocolate Crunch here. 

Cranberry Walnut Paleo Granola

Cranberry Walnut Paleo Granola #paleo #granola #grainfree #glutenfree #walnuts #cranberry #healthy #breakfastOne of my favorite foods growing up was cereal. Sad? Maybe. But as a kid I couldn’t wait to have a bowl of cereal in the morning (or after school). I loved all kinds! Now that I’m grown and more informed I realize just how bad majority of store bought cereals are for you. But I still love cereal. I just make my own now! Cook Eat Paleo has an amazing delicious combination of walnuts and cranberries and other goodness that makes the perfect granola cereal.

Find Cook Eat Paleo’s Cranberry Walnut Paleo Granola here.