Paleo Fried Apple Pies

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Paleo Fried Apple Pies #paleo #apples #applepie #fried #dessert #glutenfreeThere aren’t many things in life that make you feel more American then apple pie. Something about apple pie makes you feel like home and home for me means America. Whether you are American or not though Apple Pie is a delicious dessert. Well what about cute, delicious mini, fried apple pies!? Take a look at Paleo Recipes World delicious recipe for Paleo fried apple pies.

Find Paleo Recipes World recipe for Paleo Fried Apple Pies here. 

Paleo Fried Okra

Paleo Fried Okra #paleo #okra #veggies #healthy #friedMy husband used to live in the south. When we were dating he introduced me to fried okra. I had never even heard of okra before (Sad, I know). I instantly fell in love. When we started to eat Paleo I was bound and determined to find a good fried okra recipe for him since it was one of his favorite treats to have. When I came across Paleo Cajun Lady’s recipe for fried okra in red palm oil I knew I had found the perfect recipe.

Find Paleo Cajun Lady’s recipe for Paleo Fried Okra here. 

Paleo Fried Zucchini with Cool Dill Dip

Paleo Fried Zucchini with Cool Dill Dip #paleo #zucchini #dill #veggies #fried #glutenfree #grainfreeSome days you just need a good snack. That doesn’t mean you need an unhealthy snack though. There are so many great options for healthy snacking that can still quench those munchies. My favorite healthy snacks are the ones that I can sneak in some veggies as well. That makes these fried zucchini with cool dill dip by Paleo Newbie perfect. The crunch, the tang, the dill, the salt. It’s a perfect snack!

Find Paleo Newbie’s Paleo fried zucchini with cool dill dip here.