Paleo Pumpkin Spice Cookies

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Paleo Pumpkin Spice Cookies #paleo #pumpkin #cookies #pumpkinspice #dessertOkay if you haven’t noticed by now – I am a huge cookie lover. I just can’t get enough of cookies. And when they are Paleo cookies I don’t feel near as guilty making so many different kinds of cookies. Plus it’s the holidays, so I can always give them to the neighbors when I happen to make too many. One of my favorite cookies I have tried recently are these delicious Pumpkin Spice cookies by Real Food RN. I’ve always been a sucker for pumpkin and the icing that goes ontop of these cookies are to die for.

Find Real Food RN’s recipe for Paleo pumpkin spice cookies here. 

Paleo Gingerbread Cookies

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Cookies #paleo #pumpkin #cookies #pumpkinspice #dessertThe holidays are upon us and that means hot chocolate, baked goods, delicious snacks… and if you live in this house – holiday cookies. I love making fun cookies with my kids the day before Christmas. It’s become a fun tradition that we all look forward to each year! What I love about these paleo gingerbread cookies by Detoxinista is that they are healthy, delicious, and super easy to decorate! Perfect to make for Santa or just any other occasion.

Find Detoxinista’s recipe for Paleo Gingerbread Cookies here. 

Paleo Maple Glazed Snickerdoodles

Paleo Maple Glazed Snickerdoodles #paleo #glutenfree #dessert #cookies #maple #glazed #snickerdoodlesI didn’t think you could make snickerdoodles more delicious and amazing… but The Curious Coconut proved me wrong by putting on this delicious maple glaze to her all Paleo snickerdoodles. Seriously once you try this recipe you wont be able to have snickerdoodles any other way. The maple glaze is so simple and so easy to make that I’m already planning what other items I can try it on. Trust me. You’ll love these cookies.

Find The Curious Coconut recipes for Paleo Maple Glazed Snickerdoodles here. 

Paleo Sweet Potato, Coconut Vanilla Cookies

Paleo Sweet Potatoe Coconut Vanilla Cookies #paleo #glutenfree #sweetpotatoes #coconut #vanilla #cookies #dessert #nutfreeMaking cookies with my mother was one of my most favorite memories. I loved coming home from school, getting messy with flour and eating cookie dough out of the bowl. This is a tradition I try to keep going with my own kids – but of course being Paleo it’s a bit different. Each time we make cookies though we try out a new recipe to keep things fun and our most recent recipe we tried is by Healing Family Eat’s for some pretty amazing cookies.

Find Healing Family Eat’s recipe for Paleo sweet potato, coconut and vanilla cookie recipe here. 

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies #paleo #chocolatechip #cookies #dessert #glutenfree #grainfreeEveryone loves cookies! It’s so much fun making up a delicious batch of cookies after a hard or long day. The smell, and taste… it’s all so delicious and comforting. I’m big on cookies and can be pretty picky about which recipes I use. Wod Shop has a real winner of a recipe here though. Many Paleo recipes for cookies can leave much to be desired… but one bite of these and you’ll think you are cheating that Paleo diet. But you aren’t! 

Find Wod Shop’s recipe for Paleo chcolate chip cookies here. 

Paleo Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies

Paleo Blueberry THumbpring Cookies #paleo #cookies #blueberry #dessert #grainfree #glutenfreeI remember on summer days going over to my grandma’s smelling the sent of fresh baked thumbprint cookies. They were one of my favorite treats as a kid and that is no exception now. Of course going Paleo did make find the perfect thumbprint cookie a bit more tricky. After trying many different recipes I was ecstatic to find Popsugar’s recipe for these delicious and totally healthy Blueberry Thumbprint Cookies. 

Find Popsugar’s Paleo blueberry thumbprint cookie recipe here. 

4 Ingredient Paleo Nutella Cookies

4 Ingredient Paleo Nutella Cookies #Paleo #simple #cookies #Nutella #glutenfree #grainfree #dessertNutella seems to be one of those ingredients that just about anyone loves. You hear of a dessert with Nutella and you automatically think it’s going to be delicious – how could it not? Well obviously Nutella is not the most healthy of ingredients but you can still have the amazing flavor that is Nutella – without the Nutella. The Big Man’s world has managed that delicious flavor in these 4 ingredient cookies!

Find the recipe for the Big Man’s World 4 Ingredient Paleo Nutella Cookies. 

Homemade Paleo Twix Bar

Homemade Paleo Twix Bar #paleo #dessert #candy #twix #healthy #grainfreeThe other day I was having a major craving for a Twix bar. Yes you heard me right. So instead of completely giving into my craving I decided to try and find a recipe for a Paleo version. I am so glad I did. Paleo Hacks has filled all my cravings and then some with this delicious homemade version of the twix bar. So. Good.

Find Paleo Hacks homemade Paleo twix bar recipe here. 

The Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies #paleo #chocolatechip #cookies #dessert #glutenfreeI love cookies. Are there many people out there that don’t? There is nothing like coming home and baking a delicious batch of cookies – the smell that fills the house, the warm and delicious taste. It’s perfect. And you know what else is perfect? Slim Palates Paleo version of the traditional chocolate chip cookies.

Find Slim Palates Recipe for the Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies here. 

10 Nut-Free Paleo Cookies

I am in love with cookies. I am not however a fan of nuts in my cookies. A lot of Paleo cookie recipes out there are filled with nuts or use almond flour. For those like me or those with a nut allergy – I made it my mission to find some of the best nut-free Paleo cookies (have I mentioned that I love cookies?).

1. Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies.

There is something about mint and chocolate that makes a wonderful combination. These double chocolate peppermint cookies will have you coming back for second and thirds. Find the recipe here.

2. Paleo Lemon Cookies.

I love a good lemon cookie – so refreshing and delicious. This recipe is no exception to that rule and is totally Paleo and nut-free! Find the recipe here.

10 Nut-Free Paleo Cookies -
Photo credit: Empowered Sustenance

3. ‘Peanut’ Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

For the peanutbutter cookie lovers this is the recipe for you. All the taste of a peanut butter cookie with no actual nuts. Find the recipe here.

4. Chocolate Whoopie Cookies.

Whoopie pies bring me back to my childhood so you know how excited I got when I saw these Paleo and nut-free chocolate whoopie cookies. Find the recipe here.

5. Thumbprint Cookies.

These are great cookies to make with little ones – who doesn’t love pushing their thumb into cookie dough? The outcome are delicious cookies with zero nuts. Plus you can use whatever jam of your choice! Find the recipe here.

10 Nut-Free Paleo Cookies -
Photo credit: Delicious Obsessions

6. Two Ingredient Banana Coconut Cookies.

For those that don’t have much time or much ingredients you can’t go wrong with these super easy and simple two ingredient banana coconut cookies. Find the recipe here.

7. Paleo Shortbread Cookies.

I am a sucker for a good shortbread cookie. I never thought I’d find a shortbread cookie good enough that was still Paleo. How wrong was I. Find the recipe here.

10 Nut-Free Paleo Cookies -
Photo credit: Empowered Sustenance

8. Orange-Strawberry Cut-Out Cookies.

These cookies are great for cookie cutters and decorating! Have fun making all sorts of shapes while eating these delicious and nut-free cookies. Find the recipe here.

9. Chocolate Mint Cookies.

Just because I love chocolate and mint so much I had to add another one of my all time favorites. If you used to be a fan of those Girl Scout Cookies, then you’ll love these! Find the recipe here.

10. Grain Free Ginger Cookies.

Ginger cookies remind me of rainy days and holidays. I love cooking up a batch of these grain free ginger cookies to fill the air with their delicious smells and my belly with their delicious tastes. Find the recipe here.

10 Nut-Free Paleo Cookies -
Photo credit: Savory Lotus