Paleo Thai Coconut Soup

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Paleo Thai Coconut Soup #paleo #soup #thai #coconut #glutenfree #dairyfreeSince I’ve been in a major soup kick I’ve tried all sorts of different kinds of soups – from stews to tomato based soups there are so many different kinds you can try. One of my favorites is not your traditional type of soup – which is part of why I love it so much. It’s nice to have a change of pace and flavors when it comes to dinner time. Stupid Easy Paleo has made an incredible Thai coconut soup that will delight your taste buds.

Find Stupid Easy Paleo’s recipe for Thai Coconut Soup here. 

Paleo Sweet Potato, Coconut Vanilla Cookies

Paleo Sweet Potatoe Coconut Vanilla Cookies #paleo #glutenfree #sweetpotatoes #coconut #vanilla #cookies #dessert #nutfreeMaking cookies with my mother was one of my most favorite memories. I loved coming home from school, getting messy with flour and eating cookie dough out of the bowl. This is a tradition I try to keep going with my own kids – but of course being Paleo it’s a bit different. Each time we make cookies though we try out a new recipe to keep things fun and our most recent recipe we tried is by Healing Family Eat’s for some pretty amazing cookies.

Find Healing Family Eat’s recipe for Paleo sweet potato, coconut and vanilla cookie recipe here. 

Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites

Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites Paleo #paleo #glutenfree #pistachio #nuts #snacksI love to have fun and healthy snacks ready at home for when you get those munchies or for when the kids get home from school. Trying to keep those snacks unique and different can be a bit hard… in my search for something new to try I fell across Cotter Crunch’s awesome recipe for chocolate coconut pistachio bites. I had all the ingredients at home so I gave them a try and they were a huge hit. The salty crunch of the pistachio mixed with the delicious flavors of chocolate and coconut was perfect. 

Find Cotter Crunch’s recipe for Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Bites here. 

Paleo Almond, Pecan, and Coconut Crumbed Chicken

Paleo Almond Pecan and Coconut Crumbed Chicken #paleo #chicken #almond #pecan #coconut DinnerOkay. I cannot get enough of this delicious recipe by Seriously the combination of almonds, pecans, and coconut ontop of the juicy chicken is amazing. If you have been looking for a new chicken recipe that has crunch, flavor, and more then look no further. The fact that is also comes with a broccoli and sprout salad is just an amazing added bonus. You’ll love both!

Find the recipe by for this Paleo almond, pecan, and coconut crumbed chicken. 

Paleo Coconut Ice Cream Cheesecake with Lime

Paleo Coconut Ice Cream Cheesecake with Lime #paleo #coconut #icecream #cheesecake #dessert #glutenfree #grainfreeIf there is one thing I’m a sucker for it’s cheesecake. There is something about the denseness and sweetness of a cheesecake that leaves me always wanting more. One Green Planet’s coconut ice cream cheesecake with lime and avocado is the perfect combination to make a delicious and even healthy cheesecake.

Find One Green Planet’s recipe for Coconut Ice Cream Cheesecake with Lime here.