Paleo Banana Bread

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Paleo Banana Bread #paleo #banana #bread #dessert #glutenfreeCoconut flour is one of my most favorite of gluten free flours. It is the easiest of gluten free flours to bake with in my opinion… which is why I end up using it quite a lot. So when I find a baked good that uses coconut flour I get a bit excited to try it out. That’s exactly what happened with this Paleo banana bread recipe by Delicious. This bread was so easy to make and was so fluffy and delicious I could have sworn I wasn’t eating a gluten free bread. If you love banana bread then you’ll love this recipe.

Find Delicious’s recipe for Paleo Banana Bread here. 

Super Easy Paleo Chicken Fingers

Super Easy Paleo Chicken Fingers #paleo #chicken #coconutflour #glutenfree #grainfreeAnytime I went to out to eat for the longest time all I would order were chicken fingers and fries. I wasn’t a big beef girl growing up (I know, right?) so it was always chicken and fries. Obviously my pallet as refined a bit and I realize the amazingness that is beef – but I still get that pang for a simple dish of chicken fingers and fries (sweet potato of course). When that pang hits I go to Paleo Aholic’s super easy chicken giner recipe. Only 5 ingredients, full of flavor, and brings me back to my childhood days.

Find Paleo Aholic’s super easy Paleo chicken fingers recipe here.