Paleo Pear, Bacon, and Chicken Salad

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Paleo Pear Bacon and Chicken Salad #paleo #chickensalad #bacon #pear #saladsPaleo Pear Bacon and Chicken Salad #paleo #chickensalad #bacon #pear #saladsI love a good salad. Emphasis on the good. That means it has to have the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Has to be full of flavor as well as actually healthy. And if you add bacon to it then you’ve got a real winner. Thus enters Paleo Leap’s awesome recipe for pear, bacon, and chicken salad. This hits all the points I love in a good salad.

Find Paleo Leaps recipe for pear, bacon, chicken salad here. 

Paleo Ranch Chicken Salad Recipe

Paleo Ranch Chicken Salad #paleo #chicken #salad #ranch #healthy #dinnerIf there is one thing that reminds me of my mother it’s chicken salad. As for as I can remember she has always loved a good chicken salad. It’s the way to her heart besides delicious baked goods. Sadly many chicken salads either lack flavor or are extremely unhealthy. I was bound and determined to find a healthy all Paleo chicken salad recipe to share with my mom and was so excited when I came across The Pinning Mama’s recipe. A great flavor, wonderful crunch, and so delicious. 

Find Pinning Mama’s recipe for Paleo Ranch Chicken Salad recipe here.