Paleo Milky Way Bars

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Paleo Milky Way Bars #paleo #dessert #milkyway #chocolate #glutenfreeWith Halloween come and gone there may be others out there like me… that is seeing all that Halloween candy just wanting one or two pieces. I mean – it always tastes so delicious, right!? But so much sugar. And so much processed ingredients. So. When I get those cravings I then go to trying to make my own! Luckily Pop Sugar has a great recipe for delicious homemade Paleo Milky Way Bars!

Find Pop Sugar’s recipe for Paleo Milk Way Bars here. 

Homemade Paleo Twix Bar

Homemade Paleo Twix Bar #paleo #dessert #candy #twix #healthy #grainfreeThe other day I was having a major craving for a Twix bar. Yes you heard me right. So instead of completely giving into my craving I decided to try and find a recipe for a Paleo version. I am so glad I did. Paleo Hacks has filled all my cravings and then some with this delicious homemade version of the twix bar. So. Good.

Find Paleo Hacks homemade Paleo twix bar recipe here.