Paleo Fried Apple Pies

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Paleo Fried Apple Pies #paleo #apples #applepie #fried #dessert #glutenfreeThere aren’t many things in life that make you feel more American then apple pie. Something about apple pie makes you feel like home and home for me means America. Whether you are American or not though Apple Pie is a delicious dessert. Well what about cute, delicious mini, fried apple pies!? Take a look at Paleo Recipes World delicious recipe for Paleo fried apple pies.

Find Paleo Recipes World recipe for Paleo Fried Apple Pies here. 

15 Minute Skillet Paleo Apple Pie

15 Minute Paleo Skillet APple Pie #paleo #applepie #skillet #dessertI love cooking in my skillet! I feel that cooking in my skillet brings out some amazing flavors… take for example something as simple as an apple pie. Cooking an apple pie in the skillet is so easy and makes the crust so crisp and flakey I just can’t get enough. Primal Palate has put together a great recipe that allows you to make an Apple Pie in your skillet… in 15 minutes!

Find Primal Palate’s recipe for 15 minute skillet apple pie. 

Paleo Apple Pie Bars

Paleo Apple Pie Bars #paleo #applepie #apples #dessert #glutenfree #grainfreePaleo Apple Pie Bars #paleo #applepie #apples #dessert #glutenfree #grainfreeApple Pie is one of those good old fashion American desserts that reminds me of summer nights, baseball games, and family. Apple pie is also one of those desserts that can be pretty hard to perfect… which is why I opt out and decide to do Sweet Potatoes and Social Change’s recipe for Paleo apple pie bars. These are so easy to make and so delicious that you’ll feel like you are eating a delicious apple pie with the family.

Find Sweet Potatoes and Social Change’s recipe for Apple Pie Bars here.