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Getting Started with Paleo and Primal Living

Welcome to Primal Hub! Whether you are just getting started with Paleo or primal living or a long time enthusiast, we’re happy you’ve found us here at Primal Hub. We are a team of eager health junkies dedicated to optimal living. With a focus on real food, functional fitness, and natural living, we are dedicated to providing you oodles of free resources, articles, and recipes to make your life a little easier as you commit to getting back to health!

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– Other primal lifestyle factors to improve you health, mood, and energy.

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What is Paleo?

Getting Started with Paleo and Primal Living

The Paleo diet is a nutrient-dense approach to food. With a focus on whole foods such as pastured-raised meats and eggs, seafood, organic produce, and healthy fats, Paleo is less a “diet” and more a lifestyle… A lifestyle about going back to what our ancestors ate for vibrant health. Paleo and primal diets avoid anti-inflammatory foods and aim to heal the gut, balance hormones, and improve energy levels.

(Please note: While we do recommend pastured-raised and organic food as much as possible for both your health and the environment, don’t let those labels deter you from making important changes to you health. You can see a lot of improvement even if those ‘premium’ foods are not in your budget. Check out our free online course for more information on keeping Paleo on a budget.)

There is a lot of variation within the Paleo community. Some people are incredibly strict by their definition of what’s ‘allowed’, only eating foods that their Paleolithic forebears had access to. Here at Primal Hub, we are more concerned with quality of food and taking advantage of what’s available to us in our day that continues to make our health thrive.

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Functional Fitness

Getting Started with Paleo and Primal Living

Primal or Paleo living is more than just food. Fitness and exercise are an important element for creating a truly healthy lifestyle. In the same way that we choose to eat foods that our bodies were designed to eat, we exercise in ways our bodies were designed to move. 

Exercise improves your immune system, lowers your risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, and stroke, promotes heart health, and increases longevity. Proper exercise keeps your body strong and your immune system thriving… even as you age. Those who implement consistent exercise find that they sleep better, feel better, have more brain energy and clarity. And yes, a Paleo lifestyle can help with weight loss and make you look amazing!  

Many people who come to a Paleo or primal lifestyle come through the Cross Fit community, but that’s not to say you have to join Cross Fit to exercise right. Generally speaking, the Paleo lifestyle promotes natural movement (outdoors if possible) over machine-based exercise. Brief and intense strength training are emphasized rather than long endurance cardio. Chronic cardio keeps your body in a state of constant “fight or flight” which has been shown in countless studies to increase cortisol levels and inflammation. Of course, it’s important to improve cardio fitness for overall health, you just don’t need to run a marathon to do it! We are also passionate about other forms of exercise like yoga and pilates for an overall conditioning regime. The key is to listen to your body, work within it’s natural functionality, and do something you LOVE. For some great at home exercise ideas be sure to sign up for our free online ecourse. 


Lifestyle Changes

Getting Started with Paleo and Primal Living

Modern ‘wisdom’ likes to perpetuate the idea that health is simply a matter of balancing our intake and expenditure of calories. But real health, the kind that will boost your energy and make you smile each day, requires us to consider our whole lifestyle. We live in an increasingly toxic world. From air pollution to our cleaning products, our bodies are constantly battling foreign substances that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. Paleo and primal living consider the many factors that can inhibit true health. From getting better sleep, reducing stress, eliminating toxic chemicals, and dealing with technology, there are simple ways to help you feel better beyond the kitchen or gym. For more info, yep, you got it: sign up for our free ecourse. 


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