Paleo Cranberry Mince Pie

Paleo Cranberry Mince Pie #paleo #cranberry #mincepie #pie #glutenfree
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Paleo Cranberry Mince Pie #paleo #cranberry #mincepie #pie #glutenfreeIn our house it isn’t a good Christmas meal unless includes some delicious minced pies. Wanting to try a new type of minced pie this year I’ve been searching high and low (or mostly just on the interenet) for a good minced pie recipe. I then came across Greens of the Stone Age’s recipe for Paleo cranberry mine pie. I had never tried a cranberry minced pie so I was really intrigued. One bite and I fell in love. This recipe just might become a tradition in our house. 

Find Greens of the Stone Age’s recipe for Paleo Cranberry Mince pie here.