Paleo Coconut Milk Yogurt

Paleo Coconut Milk Yogurt #paleo #coconut #coconutmilk #dairyfree #yogurt
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Paleo Coconut Milk Yogurt #paleo #coconut #coconutmilk #dairyfree #yogurtGoing dairy free one of the biggest things I missed most was a bowel of yogurt with granola on top. It’s a simple breakfast, filling, sweet, crunchy… and totally not Paleo. I of course found plenty of granola recipes that were grain free and Paleo… but that still left me with no yogurt. Until I learned about making your own yogurt from coconut milk! I didn’t realize just how easy it was to make your own yogurt but Sweet Potatoes and Social Change lets you know just how easy it is.

Find Sweet Potatoes and Social Changes recipe for Paleo Coconut Milk Yogurt here.