Paleo Cheesecake Bites

Paleo Cheesecake Bites #paleo #cheesecake #dessert #healthy #dairyfree
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Paleo Cheesecake Bites #paleo #cheesecake #dessert #healthy #dairyfreeAnytime I hear the word cheesecake my ears immediately perk up. I mean… it’s cheesecake! In my opinion when it comes to desserts you can’t go wrong with cheesecake. The only probably is if you are having a bigger group of people over – one cheese cake usually isn’t enough to share or go around. Which brings us to cheesecake bites. These delicious little morsels are perfect for a big party… make up a batch and everyone gets a taste of delicious cheesecake. And the best part – Paleomg has given us an amazing Paleo version.

Find Paleomgs recipe for Paleo Cheesecake Bites here.