Paleo Meatloaf Muffins

Stop making meal time so hard! Get started with the best Paleo meal plans ever. Click here to learn more. Meatloaf a lot of times gets a bad name… it

Paleo Cheesecake Bites

Anytime I hear the word cheesecake my ears immediately perk up. I mean… it’s cheesecake! In my opinion when it comes to desserts you can’t go wrong with cheesecake. The

Paleo Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

I remember the first time I tried a stuffed mushroom… not being a fan of mushrooms I was sure I wouldn’t like it. But I stuck to my rule to always

Paleo Thai Coconut Soup

Since I’ve been in a major soup kick I’ve tried all sorts of different kinds of soups – from stews to tomato based soups there are so many different kinds

Paleo Roasted Citrus and Herb Chicken

Chicken dishes are amazing for adding a bit of zest into you life. Whether it’s lemon chicken or orange chicken or maybe a mexican lime chicken. Well why not combine

Paleo Slow Cooked Carrot Cake

There are so many different types of cakes out there – vanilla, chocolate, red velvet… and one of my favorites – carrot cake! I feel that carrot cake tends to

Paleo Orange-Rosemary Seared Salmon

Did you know that salmon is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat? So not only is it a delicious fish – it’s a great go to protein

No-Bake Paleo Peppermint Chocolate Cheesecake

Desserts that I don’t have to bake are some of my favorite. I love how easy they are. Which is what caught my attention of this awesome recipe by Paleo

Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Scones

Sometimes it’s nice to have something special for breakfast – and let’s face it, there are days when you want more of a treat for breakfast then a savory meal.

Paleo Cranberry and Clementine Salad

Sometimes during the winter I like to brighten things up with a delicious salad and this salad by Paleo Leap is one of the first ones on my list of