Is the Paleo Diet Scientifically Supported

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Is The Paleo Diet Scientifically Supported #paleo #diet #health #science #healthylivingMany people are turning to the Paleo diet these days – it’s no wonder when you hear so many positive stories from those that are eating in this lifestyle. That being said – is there more to this Paleo diet then just people’s good stories? Take a look at what Mark’s Daily Apple says on if the Paleo Diet is Scientifically Supported.

Find the article by Mark’s Daily Apple on the Science Behind the Paleo Diet. 

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Let’s face it – while following the Paleo lifestyle we tend to have a higher protein diet than others. In fact many people think that is the main focus of the Paleo diet – meat, meat, meat. On Paleo we strive to get our carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits and our protein from animal sources (along with some good and healthy fats). While yes meat is important and a great way to get some healthy protein, the bigger part of the Paleo diet is selecting high-quality, unprocessed, real food while getting rid of foods the body struggles to handle like gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, sugars and food additives.

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

With all that said there clearly is more protein being consumed than your typical diet so you might find yourself wondering if you can in fact eat too much protein. Well, the simple answer is yes. Let’s face it, you can have too much of just about anything – even water. So when it comes right down to it you can have too much protein and if you do get to the point of protein toxicity it can have some large impacts on your health.

How Much Protein is Too Much?

But where is that line? Are you in fact eating too much protein? How much is too much? This is a pretty big topic of late – party due to the popularity the Paleo lifestyle is gaining. Unfortunately due to differences in weight, caloric intake, and other lifestyle factors there isn’t just one specific number we can give. From some sources you will see that your threshold for protein is 30-35% of your calorie intake, while others say you should only be consuming .4 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight and then you have yet another category stating protein intake is related to your fitness activity.

So that leads us back to our question of how much is too much. The Paleo lifestyle recommends good quality proteins that leave you satiated. Paleo recommends including protein in each of your meals but the “how much” as you can see is dependent on you, your size, your calorie intake, and your fitness level.

Most likely if you are feeling physically fit, healthy, hydrated, and keeping a good healthy weight you are doing just fine as far as your protein levels.  If you really are worried about your health or that you might be consuming too much protein you should always speak with a nutritionist or doctor. In the mean time you can also take a look at a few of these resources:

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3 Signs You Could Be Eating Too Much Protein

Calcium with a Paleo Lifestyle

There seems to be a few questions that will always come up when you start talking about the Paleo lifestyle to someone who hasn’t been introduced to it before. From “How do you get any fiber?” to “What do you even eat?” I’m sure you’ve heard it all. One of the more common statements I hear though is how, without dairy, someone eating Paleo must be deficient in calcium. Let’s face it… in our society when you hear about calcium you think about milk or dairy foods first and then most likely think about bone health right after.

What Does Calcium Do Anyways

Most of us when we think of calcium we think of it makes our bones strong, and while yes it does help out with this, calcium does even more. Calcium helps with things like muscle contraction, blood coagulation as well as plays a role in releasing hormones and enzymes.

So yes – calcium is important to our health and should be something we make sure to have in our nutrition and diet..

Bone Health While Eating Paleo

While so many are focused on calcium itself to help with bone health there are many different sources that can actually do more for your bones then that glass of milk you may be craving. For example starting with those wonderful fat soluble vitamins the Paleo lifestyle is so known for – vitamin A, D, and K2. These vitamins are great for promoting bone health and actually ensure proper absorption and utilization of the calcium we eat.

Besides those vitamins we stress so much in the Paleo lifestyle, one other source can help with your bone health (whether you eat Paleo or not) and that is a mineral called Magnesium. Magnesium is essential for bone health and being deficient in magnesium is actually a known risk factor for osteoporosis.

So while it is important to get that ever worried about calcium intake, you can see that there are other factors that go into bone health that we should consider too.

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

If you are still worried about your calcium intake while eating Paleo, you can stop. There are quite a few different food sources that offer a big calcium punch that will still leave you clear of dairy products. From Sesame seeds, sardines, turnip greens, almonds, cabbage, broccoli, oranges, mustard greens, and more. Many leafy greens (which are highly promoted in the Paleo lifestyle) have more calcium per serving than your typical dairy products. For a great list of foods and their calcium break down take a look at this chart here

As you can see there is no need to fear for your bones while eating a Paleo lifestyle. Yes you are cutting out dairy and grains that many people feel are so needed for your bone health… but you are adding in important fat soluble vitamins, healthy minerals, and other sources of calcium that you should easily be hitting that daily recommended amount of calcium. All the while – sticking to that healthy Paleo lifestyle!


7 Amazing “Arm Day” Workouts

We all love the idea of lean, strong, and sexy arms. Whether you goal is to be able to take in all the groceries in one go or simply be able to wave goodbye to someone without that horrible arm jiggle, there are many ways you can get the arms you always wanted. Here is a list of some great exercises that can help you to your goals – go ahead and try out these 7 amazing “arm day” workouts.

21-Day Arm-Sculpting Challenge

Need to add some great arm exercises to your routine? This 21 day challenge is a great way to go – and all you need are your arms and some dumbbells! Find the workout here.

9 Minute Arm Workout with Dumbbells

For those that don’t have a lot of time, but still want to work on those arms you’ll love this great 9 minute video. Find the workout here.

10 Effective Arm Toning Exercises Without Weights

Here is a list of 10 great go-to arm toning exercises! And the best part about this list is you don’t even need weights to do them! Find the workout here.

17 Free Weight Exercises for Toned Arms

Free weights are a great way to strength those arms while making them toned as well. If you are needing some new ideas on how to work one those arms so they are tank top ready, then you’ll love these 17 free weight exercises. Find the workout here.

10-Minute Workout to Tighten Arm Jiggle

Not only is this video only 10 minutes long (who doesn’t have at least 10 minutes each day?) it is perfect for eliminating the jiggle from under your arms. Find the workout here.

30 Day Arm Challenge

For those looking for a bigger challenge when it comes to arm exercises – this 30 day arm challenge is the one for you! Find the workout here.

Sexy Shoulder Workout

One thing that seems to get ignored when it comes to arm exercises are the shoulders… make sure to add in this routine for those sexy shoulders! Find the workout here.

When Your Healthy Habits Aren’t Healthy Anymore

We are all striving to do our best – to eat healthy, be healthy, exercise, and have healthy habits. 

Unfortunately sometimes in our efforts to be better we get so focused on our goals or even what others might think of us that our “healthy” habits end up doing the opposite of what we intend.

Think about it – how many times have you or someone you know said something along the lines of “I just had to work through the pain” or maybe something like “I got up at 4:30 this morning to get my training in”. These can be pretty scary phrases – especially since so many people take these as good motivators or signs of a committed individual.

Keeping a Healthy Body

I’ve always been a big advocate to treating your body in the best way possible. This does mean you need to eat healthy and exercise, but it also means you need to listen to your body, rest, sleep, etc.

If waking up at 4:30 to get your workout in means you only got 5 hours of sleep – are you really benefiting your body?

If working through that pain means down the line you are doing serious injury to yourself – are you really benefiting your body?

Is squeezing in that workout in your busy stressful day really helping de-stress your life or is it making it more stressful?

What are your real motives behind the actions we take towards bettering ourselves? Where is that line between being committed and motivated and going too far? We aren’t the only ones with concerns when it comes to these “healthy” habits. We highly recommend this article by Whole 9 Life, that breaks down a great motto for maintaining that “Health Balance” and how you can tell if your healthy habits aren’t so healthy any more. 

5 Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen

One of the most important parts of going and staying on the Paleo lifestyle is meal preparation and recipes. If you aren’t prepared for a meal then you are more likely to make bad choices and get something out or eat something unhealthy. Along those lines being prepared for your meals means having lots of ideas and the right tools to stay on top of those meals.

The right recipes and cookbooks can make a big difference in your Paleo experience. Which is why we have decided to put together some of our favorite Paleo cookbooks that every Paleo kitchen needs.

The Paleo Kitchen

Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen - #paleo #cookbooks

This book has plenty of recipes to satisfy your palate but beyond the amazing recipes this book comes with so many different tools to help you along your Paleo journey. From Paleo shopping lists to tips for getting started this is a great book to have – especially if you are new to the Paleo lifestyle. Learn more about this book here.

Against All Grain

Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen - #paleo #cookbooks

This is a king among cookbooks! This book is filled the the brim with amazingly delicious grain-free recipes. Danielle’s personal experience brings these recipes to a whole new level that you wont even feel like you are going grain-free. This book is bound to get you loving cooking again! Learn more about this book here.

The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen - #paleo #cookbooks

This book is perfect in its creative and healthy recipes. If you love to cook and invent beautiful plates of delicious food then you are bound to love this cookbook. Learn more about this book here.

The Performance Paleo Cookbook

Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen - #paleo #cookbooks

This cookbook is perfect for exactly what it says – Paleo recipes for those that are training harder and want to get stronger. If you feel your exercise routine is a bit more intense then you current diet can handle then you’ll love the recipes in this book that can help you take and keep that competitive edge. Learn more about this book here.

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking

Paleo Cookbooks for Every Kitchen - #paleo #cookbooks

Sick of the same old Paleo recipes? Looking for something new and fresh to add to your arsenal of Paleo recipes? Then this cookbook is the one for you. This cookbook combines some wonderful flavors from southern Europe, North Africa, and the MIddle East all while staying true to the Paleo lifestyle. Learn more about this book here.

Do you have a favorite cookbook that you use all the time?


The Best Stretches To Do After Running (VIDEO)

Running is a great and inexpensive form of exercise and almost everyone can do it because there is no equipment needed! But have you noticed that it seems quite a few people get injured from this seemingly easy exercise?

Why do I hurt so bad after a run?

One of the biggest problems with running is the fact that everyone can do it. Simply because it doesn’t require equipment does not necessarily mean it’s easy to do. If you plan on doing a big run (or even a small run) it’s important to be familiar with proper techniques that can keep us from hurting ourselves (i.e. not heel striking). While we could discuss running technique for days, today we are going to focus on what you can do after your run to help prevent injury. 

What to do after a run.

Yes you heard me right – what you do after you run is just as important as what you do before and during your run. So to help yourself improve your running, stay healthy, and be injury free – make sure to familiarize yourself with some stretches you can do once you finish up that run.

Here is a great video by Runtastic Fitness to get you started on those post-run stretches

How a Grain-Free Diet Might Benefit You

One of the biggest questions I get from people when they are asking about the Paleo lifestyle is always about the grains. I mean… haven’t we been eating grains for thousands of years? In fact yes, we have been eating grains for some time now. But does that really mean grains are okay to eat? We obviously say no.

Why do we say to avoid grains?

This topic is a pretty hot one. Besides the countless people who have come out with their personal stories of what going grain-free has done for them (more energy, better skin, lessening symptoms for multiple diseases, etc etc) even Doctors are now coming out saying that it’s healthier to be grain-free and recommending this way of eating to their clients.

We at Primalhub have our own success stories of what going grain-free has done for us as well, which is why we have pulled together some great articles on how a grain-free diet might benefit you.

The Amazing Brain Benefits of Going Grain-Free

Who doesn’t want their brain to be healthier and work better? Rodale News goes over some pretty incredible reasons why you should be going grain-free. Read the article here.

How Grains Are Killing You Slowly

We love the Wellness Mama’s take on grains and her breakdown on what those grains actually do to your body. Read the article here.

Top 8 Most Common Reactions to Your Grain-Free Diet (and How to Respond)

Mark gives a great article to prepare those that are ready to go grain-free and how to respond to all the questions that come along with that. Read the article here.

So what do you think? Are you ready to go grain-free?

What does the 80/20 rule look like?

When you start to follow the Paleo lifestyle you may hear some common terms that you hadn’t heard before. One of these terms is the  “80/20 rule”. You’ll hear conversations and statements such as “I don’t eat Paleo 100% of the time… more like 80 percent of the time”.

What does this mean exactly? Does someone somewhere have some formula we don’t know about? Something that can calculate exactly what you can and can’t eat and for how many days or hours? Or is 80/20 rule more linked to specific foods – where 80 percent of the foods you eat are Paleo and 20 percent of them are not?

How does one really know what 80/20 is?

While hearing about the 80/20 rule may be common… it’s clear that the meaning of the rule is not really known. While the exact definition of 80/20 isn’t really known there are some pretty strong opinions on the matter. You will hear from some people that going 80/20 is the only way to stick to the Paleo lifestyle, while others claim eating 80/20 while on the Paleo diet is a complete disaster.

How can people have such strong opinions about something that seems undefinable?

In the end I think it all comes down to you as an individual. What are your goals? What are you wanting this new food lifestyle to do to your life?

For some of us here at Primal Hub the 80/20 rule simply means to not stress the off days. Let’s face it, no one is perfect… and who really wants to be perfect? Perfect can be boring. 80/20 means trying your hardest to eat the right foods for your body and follow those Paleo guidelines whenever possible… but to also not stress so much about food that your relationship with food becomes unhealthy. When you are at a party with no Paleo options, or you want to go to your favorite restaurant with your friends you can do so.

If you want to decide if 80/20 is for you and what that exactly means, do your research, sit down and make your decision. Here are a few great articles to get you started.

Why We Are 20% Not So Paleo

Thinking the 80/20 rule sounds like the way you want to go? The Paleo Mama shares her’s and her family’s story on why they don’t go 100% Paleo and call themselves an 80/20 Paleo family. Read more here.

Why 80/20 Paleo is a Recipe for Disaster

For those that the 80/20 Paleo rule doesn’t seem to make sense take a look at what The Paleo Living Magazine has to say about it and why they feel it’s not the right thing to do. Read more here.

What’s Your Paleo Percentage?

Not sure where you stand with this crazy 80/20 rule? Don’t worry – Robb Wolf isn’t sure about it either. Take a look at what he has to say on what your Paleo percentage really is? Read more here.

How to Open You Hips for Better Squats (VIDEO)

There are a few body movements that seem to be typical “go-to” movements when it comes to exercise. From sit-ups to push-ups all the way to the squat. Squatting is a great form of exercise that can be used in many different ways and techniques.

Squatting isn’t that hard, right?

While most people cant do a squat, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Many might think there isn’t much to the squat or that there isn’t more to learn when it comes to squatting. These people couldn’t be more wrong. From correct form to tips on making the squat easier and more efficient – learning proper information on the squat is something everyone should do.

How can I improve my squat?

If you are looking for a way to improve your squats then this video by Kelly Starrett is a great place to start. Kelly goes through some great information on what you can do to help open you hips more for a better squat. Whether you are doing air squats, heavy back squats, or any other version of a squat, you can’t go wrong with watching this video.